About us

Based in the North East of England

Rated Conversions Ltd are experts in delivering converted vehicle solutions nationally & overseas for sports, adventure and leisure purposes.

About Us

All over the UK and in several far away countries, there are Rated Conversion vehicles happily driving around, clocking up the miles and giving their owners hours of fun in the sun.

We’re experts in converting vehicles to suit unique, dream lifestyles. We’ve been in the business of making motoring dreams come true for over 28 years.

If outdoor adventure, sports and leisure lifestyle is your dream, then have a look at some of our available motorhomes that we’ve already converted. If nothing there takes your fancy, we can work with you to create your truly unique lifestyle-on-wheels.

All of our skilled craftsmen are outdoor enthusiasts too, so you know we’ll speak the same language. Your converted vehicle is an investment – the ‘memory maker’ that your family and friends will enjoy for years. That’s why we’re committed to the details of the brief, our workmanship and your satisfaction.


Every vehicle conversion is unique simply because every owner is unique.  We can show you how we’ll fit your motorhome with beautiful, handcrafted interiors and seating, and how imaginatively we can make the most of every nook and cranny inside.

We’ll help you to make the big decisions – whether to convert your existing vehicle and turn it into something magical, or to buy a new one through us or one of our partners.

Then, we’ll help you to make the smaller decisions – how it will suit your wishes concerning functionality, style, comfort and budget.

Don’t be fooled by our competitive pricing.  We treat every job with the same attention to detail and passion for our craft.

After the magic conversion process, you’ll drive away from Rated Conversions in your dream vehicle converted to the highest specifications and finish.  We love seeing ‘our’ vehicles on the road, bringing such fun to their owners … we’re looking forward to seeing you and yours out there, too!

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