Conversion Solutions

Conversion Solutions

If you’re looking to convert a vehicle, you’ve definitely come to the right place! We can convert a vehicle to pretty much any format, whether it be as a day van, a crew van, race, camper van or more luxurious motorhome.

So … what’s it going to be?  Are you dreaming of a day van?  A race van?  A family camper van?  Or are you going the extra mile in a luxury motorhome with all the frills?

Whatever your dream, you’ve found the right team.


Kitting out a vehicle for the sporting lifestyle takes a genius use of space.  You need as much room as possible for your gear, as well as top functionality for your sport.

Much of our team is into adventure sports, too, so we know what you need.  We work on a wide range of vehicles, including T4s and T5s, Mercedes Sprinter, Vivaro, Protester and Master.

See some of our suggested layouts which can be built as designed or tailored to your own design.  You’ll find even more inspiration here


Ahh … there’s only one way to truly escape the ratrace and daily grind.  Get out into Nature – explore the peaceful places you never knew existed in comfort and style.  Our leisure conversion layouts can be designed to the last detail, meaning you get to relax in luxury.  If you’d rather have a more basic layout and add the detail later, we can do that, too.

Here’s how some of our most chilled-out customers enjoy the great outdoors



Looking to convert a vehicle yourself?

We have a large range of motorhome fixtures and fittings in stock if you’re completing a vehicle conversion project of your own.

Wanting to buy the Finished Conversion?

We have beautiful conversions ready to go – no hanging about. Give us a call to arrange a time to pop in and view.

Contact us for details on how we can turn your Dream Van into a reality

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