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Eco-Friendly Conversion Guide: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With These Van Build Tips

We hear it everyday, the worries of climate change and the impact on the environment that humans have. We are all starting to adapt to help keep the beautiful locations we love so much. One of the biggest draws when purchasing a bespoke van conversion is being able to take it to some of the most natural beautiful places within driving distance, so adapting the vehicle to become more environmentally friendly will help you look after the sights and wonder that make the long drives worth it. In 2021 you have many eco-friendly options for both campervan and motorhome conversions as well as some changes you can make to your behaviour when traveling, as we all do our part to save the planet.

Solar Panels

The more advanced motorhome conversions become, the more gadgets we are able to have in our portable homes. This in turn means more power needs to be generated to keep all the fridges,TV and other electronics working. Advancements have also been made in harnessing renewable energy and being able to use it in your conversion. 


If you’re starting from the barebones and are looking to get solar panels installed in the initial conversion process, mention it to the team working on your project and they will advise you on how to incorporate eco-friendly energy into your vehicle. Long time owners of campervan conversions are able to purchase solar panels and install them to have clean energy power the electricals in your vehicle.


Solar panels prove to be great investments in the long run. The money you spend will be saved at a later date when you see the amount of fuel consumption drop. Conversions with refrigerators see an impact taken on their battery. Using the energy from the sun to keep your food chilled, day or night.

Fuel Consumption

Driving around with a heavy bespoke van conversion takes a lot of fuel. If you’re driving round in the conversion of your dreams with some eccentric features, there is a good chance you may be carrying a heavy load. Those concerned for the environment and their own wallet may want to make their luxury getaways less costly.


Tire pressure is a common cause for unnecessary fuel consumption. The weight of a motorhome conversion will see air seeping out of your tires making moving your vehicle around a more strenuous task leading to a lot of fuel being burned. Make sure you are regularly checking the tires and keeping them properly inflated. 

A more obvious option, but keep an eye on your speed. Motorhomes and campervan conversions must adhere to different speed limits based on their size and visibility. Making sure you have plenty of room between other drivers and cyclists is vital but will also stop you guzzling your fuel.

Conserve Water

You can go through a lot of water on your trip away. Whether your washing you dishes, yourself or even your bespoke van conversion. This is all essential but make sure you are using the water wisely. Make sure you only use the necessary amounts needed and don’t leave the taps or showers running whilst not being used. Most campsites come with washroom facilities that will not only save on water put will also keep you motorhome conversion free from water spillage and damp build up.

Moving forward to make a greener, cleaner world is what fans of the outdoor lifestyle should prioritise. Spending so much time in the beauty of nature, it is in everyone’s best interest to make steps in preserving our beautiful landscapes and vast countrysides. 2021 can be the start of the camping community to all band together and do our part.

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