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Discover the Best Festivals for Campervan Conversion Fans in the Coming Year

Understandably, a lot of us are saddened by the cancellation of so many festivals this year due to Covid-19. However, many festivals have allowed many attendees make use of their tickets for next year instead and are planning to make next year’s even better to make up for the cancellations. If you’re one to enjoy a great summer festival and you have a keen interest in campervan conversions, we’ve covered some of the top festivals you should consider going to in 2021!


Situated in Ireland, Vantastival can be found just a few miles out from Drogheda. This wonderful festival for van lovers is family friendly, and is jam packed with VW transporter conversions as well as other stunning campervans. The festival is known for creating new friendships between van lovers, which is why it’s been running since 2009! It’s truly a magical festival and if you don’t have your own bespoke van conversion to bring along, there’s camping available.


Busfest is known to be the “world’s biggest VW transporter festival” and so VW transporter conversion owners won’t want to miss out – especially if you want to show off your handy work! There will be plenty of other campervan conversions on display for you to eyeball and you can expect to see a range of old and new models as well as other great events to enjoy at Busfest. One of the most popular events of the festival is called ‘Cooking in a Camper Contest’, which involves people preparing a 2 course meal in 45 minutes in their own camper. Busfest is regarded as one of the best festivals for bespoke van conversion lovers and so should be experienced by all camper lovers at least once!

You can find Busfest in Malvern.

Camp Quirky

Camp Quirky is another great festival for van fanatics, held at the Kelmarsh Estate in Northamptonshire. This one is perfect for bespoke van conversions, as it’s known as one of the world’s largest festival for self-built campervans. This festival is truly ideal for those who live the van life, as there’s many workshops available covering the best conversion features and how to create and install them yourself. Again, this festival is great for anyone who’s passionate about campers, so you can expect lots of great conversations with fellow van owners.

Hopefully these festivals have psyched you for some great festivals that lay ahead, as there’s still plenty of opportunities to make great memories in the future.

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