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Genius Campervan Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

All campervan owners know how restricted it can get with space, thus finding creative solutions to manage the small space is vital. Here are some DIY campervan ideas that we think are really helpful to clear up clutter and provide you with storage space for almost anything.

Kitchen Storage

Want to make the most of space vertically? Narrow places of a van are useful to fit all your necessities. Make use of your walls, adding essential items such as cutlery, pantry items, plates, bottles and other kitchen items away from workspaces so that they can’t slip and fall. You can purchase pull out shelving units that slide out and keep things safe (and out of sight). 

In addition to creating your bespoke shelving units and drawers, it’s a good idea to opt for hanging storage in the kitchen area for things such as spatulas, pots and pans, long-stemmed glasses and so on. You can even utilise magnetic knife holders to add to a wall in the kitchen area to create a lighter, cleaner workspace around empty space that you’ve cleared out. 

Don’t have much worktop space? Purchase a sink cover! This item is versatile as you can use it as a chopping board to chop your vegetables and prep your food when the sink isn’t being used. What’s more is that you can even use the sink cover as a table to eat breakfast in bed. It’s amazing what you can do with little amount of space when you’re quite restricted.

Bed Storage

When planning on how to improve your storage space, you should take clothing into consideration. A good way to do this is by adding shelves in and around the bed so that the space around your bedroom area isn’t flooded with clutter. Ever looked into convertible bedding? This is made up on two benches that form a U shape and each of these hosts storage for things such as bed sheets, extra clothing and other miscellaneous items.

We’re all about campervan storage ideas. Under bed pull out storage is a neat way to store away electronics and other items you use frequently that tend to slide around when you’re driving the campervan. Likewise, opting for bedside tables (floating shelves next to the bed) help when you’re looking to spruce up the bedroom with your essentials. On these shelves you can pop your coffee/food whilst the van is at a stop.

Bathroom storage ideas

We’re all about making the most of valuable space (because working with limited space is difficult!) and so our top tips for storage ideas in the bathroom is to utilise mason jars for essentials. These small bathroom storage ideas make it really easy for your toothbrush, cleanser, shower gel and other items. These can be fitted into place so they don’t slide around when the van is in motion. 

Mason Jars

Bulkhead storage

If the campervan hosts bulkhead storage, make use of it. It can hold an abundance of items without taking up space in the rest of the van. We recommend putting away things you don’t use that often, such as extra bedding, blankets, jackets, other miscellaneous items and keeping things such as your tent and sleeping bags at the front for easy access. 

Folding table

Need a work desk? You can purchase folding down tables from almost any store that offers storage solutions, or make it yourself. All you need is a piece of durable wood, a wall hinge and you’re good to go. These can also be used for dinner time, making it ideal to have a surface to actually sit and eat without making mess around the van. 

Shoe holders

Save your precious space by using bungee cords or building shelves as a shoe storage solution. This makes putting away shoes easier without the extra effort of boxing them and putting them away so they don’t dirty your living space. This also prevents them from sliding or moving around when you’re driving the van and having to go hunting for them at a later date. 

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Miscellaneous items

Other items such as a laundry bag should be kept in one place (preferably the bathroom), mesh produce bags are ideal for your fresh produce, keeping them all organised and in places you need them. Keeping on top of the organisation of this will bring you peace of mind and sanity that everything is tidy and all in one place. Things like a behind the door storage space (cotton hanging storage solutions) would be useful for dry goods and other items like fruit and spice bottles that don’t have a home.

Staying organised is the key to inner peace for campervan owners, we know that firsthand. You’ll need to obtain sufficient space for clothing, food, dishes, toiletries and more. It may seem a little overwhelming but the good news is that you’ll have space for new gear to experience the wilderness the way you’ve always dreamed of with this newfound space. Be sure to take our campervan storage hacks into account and you’ll be flying, on your way to obtaining more space to carry out more activities during your trips.

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