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Tips for Keeping Your Van Conversion Safe During Lockdown

Times are becoming unpredictable and at times very scary. There is more concern than ever that crime will rise and people will be getting desperate in these such tough times. Anyone with van conversions may worry about their pride and joy being at risk. People on your street will know that you have your vehicle and you may show it off as rightly so, you’re proud to own it! This may make you feel as if you might become a target so put all your worries to bed and invest into some security for your house and motorhome. 

How To Work Around Not Having a Garage

The simple solution to this problem is to use a garage. Keep your vehicle out of sight of the public by storing it in a garage or a secure facility to make sure people will not be eyeing up your valuable conversion. However this is not always financially feasible. Most garages these days couldn’t fit a van conversion in and the idea of not having your motorhome on your own land can really be concerning.

Double check all doors are securely locked. This may sound very simple, but it isn’t uncommon for people to put their motorhome in the back of their mind especially around the winter months when they have maybe not been used as much.

All van conversion can be equipped with alarms and immobilisers. Having an alarm on your VW transporter conversion will alert the surrounding area that something is not right, and will work well in deterring the thieves full stop. Immobilisers are an amazing thing to have in any conversion as they can be common targets for thieves it will make the vehicle impossible to move even if they bypass the alarms.

Ensuring that your van conversion can’t go anywhere will be the biggest help you can get when protecting your vehicle. If you have a model that doesn’t have an immobiliser or an alarm, which can be common in more vintage campervan conversions. A simple clamp will ensure that the vehicle will not be much use and will stop scouting vandals from even attempting to steal your vehicle. To further protect your conversion, looking into steering locks will also grant peace of mind if someone does get into your vehicle, that it will not go anywhere.

Protecting Your Valuables

As van conversions become more and more advanced, you will have a lot of expensive goods installed inside your vehicle. Televisions and refrigerators are all common in all conversions which will become targets to thieves. Protecting these will be vital, both when camping and when left stationary.

With the way the world is, you will most likely have your motorhome parked up on your drive. If you have a more advanced VW transporter conversion for example thieves will assume it will contain items of value. Whenever you have your motorhome on your drive, remove all of them and keep them safe in your home. Another tip is to leave all drawers and cupboards open when parked. If you do get an intruder this will make it visible to them that there is nothing to steal and will prevent the intruders from causing damage whilst hunting for something to steal.

When camping you may feel more at ease. To be surrounded with other fellow camping enthusiasts it’s easy to let your guard down. You may want to install lockable cupboards and even a form of safe to leave large amounts of money or expensive tech in your campervan. 

Safety should be priority number one when it comes to valuable van conversions. Whether at home or on a getaway the last thing you want to feel is worry and fear. Looking into securing your campervan will allow you to sleep easy. Whether on the campsite or at home.

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