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Freedom in Retirement: Exploring the World with Custom Van Conversions

Looking for what you want to do when the time comes to stop working and enjoy retirement? Why not go travelling in a custom built van conversion. Converted camper vans are a home to home vehicle so that whenever you are on the road you still have that home feeling no matter where you are. 

Hit the Open Road and Enjoy Your Retirement

Van conversions mean you can personalise and customise your van as you chose. Whether you want to prioritise living space, storage or have a layout suited to you it can all be arranged. Here at Rated Conversions we always listen to what your needs are so whether you are using your van for leisure or sport we know the best way to optimise the space in your van for you.

One of the key benefits of having a camper is that you can basically go anywhere and not have to worry about hotels, where you are going to stay and how much things are going to cost. With the camper you are bringing your home with you all extra stress and worry is gone. Simply fill the van up with your essentials and head off down the road.

Why not head off to europe and enjoy everything this beautiful continent has to offer. Head to Italy and take in the views at the top of mountains, sit at the side of lakes and watch the world go by. If you’re not wanting to visit just one country, do a full road trip and tour of europe. You could drive from the top of France through countries like Spain, Germany and Belgium. In a camper the world is at your fingertips so enjoy your retirement and see parts of the world you wish you could see. 

We always want to deliver the best service when it comes to you and what you need. At Rated Conversions we work with you from the start so we know exactly how to give you the finished product you want and deserve. Upon a first meeting we will help you decide or talk with you about the vehicle you want to convert into your mobile living space. After this we will start tailoring your vehicle to meet your specifications. 

Additionally we will talk about the layout that you want in your vehicle. Once you‘re happy with the detailed specifications and layout we will get straight to work and making your new van feel like home. We will keep you updated throughout the build of the van and let know when you can drive it away so you can start to enjoy your new life travelling in on the open road.

Whether you are want to build a conversion yourself or use us and do the job for you, you know that you’re in safe hands with our team of experts and great design team. We also offer servicing and repairs on your vans so if anything goes wrong from smalls dents to damp repairs we’ve got you covered. 


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