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The Camping Revolution and Its Role in Van Conversions

Summer holidays will soon be among us. The birds are singing with extra chirp, the trees are in full bloom and the weather is slowly improving. As the better days race toward us, camping holidays have found a new surge in popularity, with more people opting for a staycation. 

The UK Camping Industry is Booming

Across the nation campsite operators are hard at work cleaning, restoring, and sprucing up their campsites in preparation for what seems to be the busiest UK camping season on record. Bookings are pouring in as never before, creating an exciting buzz in the air. Although the uncertainty around foreign travel has added to the staycation rush and the interest in camping in particular.

The fact remains, however, that a UK camping trip can cost less than pre-travel Covid tests for the family. Removing the possibility of being stuck in an expensive hotel is also a factor when you consider how often the travel restrictions are changing. 

So for many a camping trip close to home is the answer. It seems that the country is eager to find freedom in the fields and forests. Which is not unexpected considering the constraints we have all lived with for so long. The joy of going outside is now thoroughly understood, while it might have once been taken for granted. As a result, the camping industry is on the verge of a surge.

Fortunately, there should be enough accommodation for everyone, as the rise in demand has been met by an equally large increase in camping spots. Planning rules on temporary “pop-up” sites have been eased, enabling them to remain open for longer periods of time without requiring a full campsite permit, making them more appealing to landowners.

Countless pop-up sites will start appearing all over the country with camping pitches for traditional campers and motorhomes (if you’re in the market why not check out our great van conversions). From farms and stately homes to pub car parks, all are making space for campers. 

The past year has also seen an increase in applications for new campsite licences, so it’s not just pop-up sites. Some sites have been given access to government funding to invest in more permanent structures like treehouses and log cabins as part of the covid recovery program. 


So it seems a more permanent revelation in camping is underway. Giving those who love camping more chances than ever before to discover and explore new parts of our country that have never been accessible.

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