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Exploring the World of Travel: Van Conversions vs Motorhomes

Whether you’re thinking about traveling the country with your family, or need a runaround to get you to your favourite mountain biking spots. If you’re on the lookout for a home on wheels nowadays you are spoilt for choice. But before you decide on what make or model is for you, you need to understand that not all mobile homes are the same. A van conversion or a motorhome? Both offer the same thing on a basic level, somewhere you can eat in, sleep in and drive around but they do it pretty differently. 

Van Conversions 

A van conversion is a traditional van that has been converted to accommodate people living/ sleeping in it. A bespoke conversion company, like ourselves here at Rated Conversions, will take the standard van and convert it into a livable, often luxurious space. Taking away the stress of trying to convert a van yourself, we will discuss all of your requirements, to make sure you have the best vessel for your travels!


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A motorhome on the other hand is a purpose-built vehicle usually used for camping, as a permanent home and travelling. They’ll have everything you’d expect a bed, kitchen and maybe a small bathroom. These vehicles tend to be a lot larger than a van conversion which provides a host of pros and cons. 

Being larger though a camper van is much more difficult to drive, requires more thinking when considering roads and can cost more to park on campsites if it takes up too much room.  You’ll often find motorhomes can be more expensive on both fuel and buying costs. 


Instagram is filled with #vanlife, so join the movement with your very own van conversion. Picture traveling across the country with scenic views and being able to stop just about anywhere. You could do it with a motorhome too but the larger size can make parking more difficult and some places are not as welcoming.

Before you buy either type of vehicle, think of the application, how long you plan to keep it and how often you’ll be using it. If you’re buying new, consider depreciation too; motorhomes tend to depreciate significantly more. 

So, who wins? Van Conversion or Motorhome 

A van conversion vs a motorhome is a difficult decision to make and depends on what you are planning to use your vehicle for. If you are looking for easy practicality, luxury and planning on saving some money a van conversion is definitely the way to go. Our vans have plenty of storage for whatever you need, especially our race vans, while still providing luxury and comfort where you need it. 

If you want some more space and are willing to drive something bigger than a normal vehicle a motorhome might be your choice. You can often have more space for things with a motorhome but the larger size doesn’t mean a better vehicle. 

Do your research and have a look around for what is going to best suit your needs. If you decide that a van conversion is for you, then check out our finished van conversions for sale or get in touch to discuss a fully bespoke project!

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