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What Does Brexit Mean For Campervan Conversion Trips To The EU?

It’s official, after many years of arduous negotiations, we’ve finally left the EU and did so on 1st January 2021. Brexit has divided and continues to divide the nation for a range of reasons, with many travellers who frequent the EU often feeling down about the outcome. Here at Rated Conversions, we understandably love a great road trip away in a campervan, so it’s important to understand what the new Brexit travel laws mean for travellers like ourselves. If you’re a big traveller too and you’d like to further understand what this means for campervan owners wanting to travel, we’ve done some research and compiled the basics you need to know below.

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What Do The Changes Mean For Driving Licenses?

UK driving licenses are still valid for driving in EU countries. However, in some instances, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is needed, and can be obtained from your local post office for £5.50. People who only possess a paper driving licence or licenses obtained in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man, will require an IDP before driving to EU countries. As the rules have only been in place for a matter of days, it’s a good idea to check with the embassy of the country you intend to visit. If you believe you require an IDP before your trip away in your VW transporter conversion, you can check out more information on it here.

Does Brexit Affect My Campervan Conversion Insurance?

When driving in your VW transporter conversion to any EU country, you will now require a green card. A green card is a document that you obtain from your insurer, and it ensures you have covered your campervan when driving in Europe. It’s absolutely a good idea to contact your insurance provider 6 weeks prior to any trip to the EU to get your green card ready. 

What’s more, it’s vital to understand your green card is only evidence of the minimum third party cover for most circumstances. If you would like to find out what cover you will have on your motorhome conversion, check with your insurer what level of cover you’ll receive with your green card.

Don’t Forget The Sticker!

Regarding the rules of GB stickers, you do still need one displayed on your campervan. However, you don’t need to worry if you already have one showing on your number plate, as long as the GB is displayed alongside a union flag. If you don’t have a union flag displayed on your number plate, you will require a separate sticker. In particular countries like Spain, you do need a GB sticker no matter what is showing on your motorhome conversion’s number plate. If you would like more information on this driving requirement, follow this link.

Final Points On Your Checklist

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Lasly, it’s really important you carry your V5C log book on your road trips, if you own your campervan. If you’re only hiring a camper, you alternatively need to possess a VE103 form, as this is evidence of permission to drive the vehicle outside of the UK.

Keeping the above points in mind, it’s crucial that you fulfil these requirements when you do intend on driving in the EU in future. It’s not the most ideal situation for avid travellers like campervan owners, however, there are ways to ensure the least hassle for future trips. If you’re unsure about some of the guidance you need to follow, there is more information on the Gov website.

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