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How to Transform Your Road Trips into Eco-Friendly Journeys

The question we are all thinking of – When will I be able to travel again? 

There is no denying the past years pandemic has taken a toll on us all and with the hopes of jetting off abroad slowly fading away, it’s no surprise that road trips are becoming more popular, especially eco-friendly travel.  

In the current age, sustainability has become a mainstream topic of conversation. As we are becoming more conscious of the effect we have on our planet and the carbon footprint left behind it begs the question: how can I make my road trip more eco-friendly?  

Don’t worry we’ll keep it simple for you with our top tips for making your road trips eco-friendly

Reduce your packing.  

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ but how can we apply them to a road trip? Start by limiting the amount you pack. This doesn’t mean that you should spare the essentials but reducing your vehicle’s weight will also lower the CO2 emissions produced.  

It’s also worth mentioning to not go out and buy anything new. Having a look to see what you already have will help you become the eco-friendly traveler you strive to be.

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Reuse what you bring. 

Moving onto the second of the three ‘R’s’ – reuse. Reuse as much as you can where possible including Water bottles, cutlery or anything else you may think of.  

You should take the water bottles you already have but if you’re looking for a new water bottle, Hydro flask not only keeps your water cold but the company’s policies support our environment.  

Recycle where you can.  

Although it’s self-explanatory to recycle your waste where possible, did you know that approximately only 9% of waste that can be recycled actually is? That means 91% of our waste is never recycled! So, if there are no recycle bins nearby, hold onto your rubbish until you do find one – the environment will thank you for it!  

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Pre-plan your route.  

Planning a route not only saves time and fuel but also saves our planet. That’s if you already know where you want to go. If you do, use a map or Satav system to prevent getting lost which is a waste of both time and petrol.

In addition, sticking to the speed limit will also reduce your carbon footprint and the risk of a catastrophic crash. So, if your vehicle has a cruise control option then make sure to use it!  

Walk when possible.  

Road trips don’t have to be all about the car ride. Where you can get out of your vehicle, stretch your legs, and take in the scenery. Check the distance from one spot to another and if you can walk it then why not? The best adventures are done on foot so get some fresh air and go exploring.  

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Eat local.  

After a long day of driving there will be no better feeling than sitting down to eat a meal not prepared by yourself. So, whilst we advise you to eat out sparingly on your road trip, make sure when you do it’s a local restaurant to help the economy.  

All restaurants leave a huge carbon footprint especially big chains so if you do eat out find a small restaurant and try some of the local cuisines. 

Choose where you stay wisely.

If you want to be extra conscious of your carbon footprint then keep an eye out for hotels or hostels that are more environmentally friendly. Whether that be through solar energy, Hydroelectric power. Even hotels that promote recycling or other effective waste methods.

Try booking local B&B’s, not only are they usually better for the environment, but they also help boost the economy rather than funding another multi-million hotel chain.  

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Switch off before you set off.  

An important step before you even set off is to switch off and unplug everything at home, no matter how short the trip may be. Doing this before your journey begins will save you both electricity and money and will allow you to enjoy your trip knowing you’re doing your part for the planet.  

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