Look forward to these festivals perfect for campervan conversion fanatics next year

Understandably, a lot of us are saddened by the cancellation of so many festivals this year due to Covid-19. However, many festivals have allowed many attendees make use of their tickets for next year instead and are planning to make next year’s even better to make up for the cancellations. If you’re one to enjoy a great summer festival and you have a keen interest in campervan conversions, we’ve covered some of the top festivals you should consider going to in 2021!

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Van Conversion Lockdown Maintenance Tasks To Keep You Busy

Covid-19 has brought pretty much everything to a halt, with many having to work from home now if possible. The new restrictions have meant a lot of ways of life have been put on hold for now, including trips many of us have had planned in our van conversions. It’s such a shame for people like us who love nothing more than exciting trips in our beloved vans, but the strict rules are certainly needed whilst we fight the virus.

The restrictions in place mean caravan and motorhome owners can’t go touring, making all campervans left stored at home during this pandemic period. If owners are found to have ventured out for non-essential trips with their camper, it’s likely the police will move them on and tell them to go home with fines sometimes issued. 

Although this is the unfortunate but necessary reality now to keep everyone safe, there’s thankfully still time to work on your van, and plenty of different jobs to keep you busy. To help you understand just the sort of things you can be doing with your van transformation, we’ve compiled the following maintenance tasks to keep the work ticking over, ready for your next trip away when the time comes!

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Basic and handy tips for converting a van into a home

With the rise of living off the grid and adopting a minimal lifestyle becoming more popular, many people are considering the camper life as the way forward. It’s not difficult to understand the desire of this reality, as living in your own bespoke van conversion can be far more affordable than owning a house. Not only this, but living in a moving home brings so much freedom, allowing you to experience life on your own terms. This is why #vanlife is such a prominent movement now, as it’s ultimately all about rebelling against typical ways of life.

If one of your future plans is to create your own motorhome conversion, this blog will certainly help you on your journey. Here we’ll cover the basics to help you get started on your campervan conversion, from your chosen model, basic design, materials you’ll need and the components that make it tick. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck in!

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